“The Entertainment Corner” Interviews Director Rob Fitz

Film site www.TheEntertainmentCorner.com recently caught up with BLESSID director and make-up special effects wizard Rob Fitz (TED, THE PERFECT STORM, R.I.P.D) about his directing style, what drew him to spearhead BLESSID, his take-away hopes for the audience, and much more.

How did the story of BLESSID come to your attention, and what compelled you to direct the film?

The central theme of the story was what drew me to it mostly, ultimately its about forgiveness and that’s a real good message to put out there.

Having worked on films with a bevy of famous actors such as Robin Williams, George Clooney, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Drew Barrymore, and most recently Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin. What type of insight did you gain from working with these actors that you will apply during the filming of BLESSID?

Having seen these people work up close has given me a perspective on the professionalism they bring to project. I aspire to achieve that level of professionalism and I feel blessed to have seen them work.

What type of reaction do you hope audience will have once they’ve had an opportunity to watch BLESSID?

I would like people to come out of this inspired by this woman’s journey and take away a poignant message in the guise of a psychological thriller.

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