“The Entertainment Corner” Interviews Director Rob Fitz

Film site www.TheEntertainmentCorner.com recently caught up with BLESSID director and make-up special effects wizard Rob Fitz (TED, THE PERFECT STORM, R.I.P.D) about his directing style, what drew him to spearhead BLESSID, his take-away hopes for the audience, and much more.

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Meet the Director of BLESSID

I first heard about Rob Fitz from New England’s top film makeup artist Tricia Heine. “I think Rob Fitz would be good for your film. I hire him for many of my films, and he’s also directed. I’m usually good connecting people to projects and I have a good feeling about Rob for this.”

Boy, was she right. I met Rob at a Panera in Andover. He didn’t dress for the occasion. He wore his trademark t-shirt and doo rag. My first impression was that he reminded me of a cross between a young Richard Dreyfuss and a Biker. Smart and friendly with a little bit of an edge. I learned quickly that Rob Fitz is a man comfortable in his own skin. He has a passion for indie film, particularly low budget fare. And people like him. He has an engaging personality and enough industry connections to fill up a Rolodex. “I make my salary on the big budget films. It’s films like Blessid where I put my sweat equity into making a great film and a great collaborative experience for the cast and crew.”

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The Making of an Indie Film

The journey begins!

We have set up a Facebook page (www.facebook.com/BlessidTheMovie) and Twitter page (www.twitter.com/BlessidTheMovie). We invite you to “Like” us and “Follow” us and share the links.

We are busy setting up the film company, assembling a talented team and attaching great talent.Rob Fitz, best known as a horror makeup and special effects maestro – will helm the director’s chair. Rob has directed shorts and the critically acclaimed Chinese vampire horror action film “God of Vampires” which Dread Central called “A fun, bloody action/horror hybrid that presented us with a different kind of bloodsucker … and knew exactly what it was doing.” [Read more…]