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BLESSID is a suspenseful indie drama about a pregnant woman with a cursed past who forms a bond with a man who is immortal. At its core, BLESSID is an anti-suicide film whose ultimate message is about self forgiveness.

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Sarah Duncliffe (played by Rachel Kerbs) battles suicidal thoughts and disturbing hallucinations of her deceased sister (a victim of a tragic childhood accident), an abusive ex-boyfriend who continues to stalk her, and the banal existence of an empty marriage. Weeks away from delivering a child that she feels undeserving to parent, Sarah finds her life taking a surprising turn when she accidentally meets her new neighbor who harbors an amazing life secret and shares a personal connection that will change her forever.

Directed by Rob Fitz (“God of Vampires”) with cinematography by Silas Tyler, BLESSID stars Rachel Kerbs (“Splinter”), Rick Montgomery Jr. (“Chill,” “Aimy in a Cage”), Gene Silvers (“Law & Order” franchise), and Chris DiVecchio (“Wolf Moon,” “Ghost Whisperer”). The film was written and produced by Bob Heske (“Waiting” starring Richard Schiff) and John E. Seymore (“You Can’t Kill Stephen King”). BLESSID features an original score from award-winning composer Federico Chávez-Blanco (“From Zimbabwe to Santa Fe”) and music tracks from Sarah Blacker, Duke Levine, and The Jinxes.

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