BLESSID shot in the Fall of 2012 in Massachusetts and the film is now ‘in the can’ – complete!

The next step is funding our film festivals efforts – which is what we’re hoping you can help us with. We are extremely proud of this film, and, as a suicide-prevention film with a theme of self-forgiveness, we feel our “indie film that could” will resonate with people from all walks of life. While it was made for under $150,000 it looks like a million bucks!

We’ve started a Kickstarter campaign and could use your help in bringing YOUR film to film festivals  – even if you can’t contribute (which we hope you can – any amount is appreciated), you can help us by:

Unlike most projects on Kickstarter, this film is done. We just need help to get it out to the world to pay for PR, marketing, film festival submissions, and distribution deliverables’ expenses (like a DVD/Blu-ray!).

We hope you join us in making this hybrid thriller/drama/art house flick into what’s destined to become an indie favorite.

Thanks so much and have a BLESSID day!

BLESSID on Kickstarter

We tip our hats off to you!