Shrewsbury Daily Voice Bob Heske Interview

Blessid Writer/Producer Bob Heske is interviewed by the Shrewsbury Voice, an e-newsletter capturing all the local happenings in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Read all about it online here.

Sundancing with the Stars — Blessid Producer Amy DePaola

Blessid producer Amy DePaola had her short ORDINARY MAN (starring Ethan Embry) accepted into Sundance in 2012. Check out Amy on video talking about her Sundance experience.

Graphic Policy Radio interviews Blessid Writer/Producer Bob Heske

Graphic Policy Radio interviewed Blessid Writer/Producer Bob Heske to talk about his latest published graphic novel, THE NIGHT PROJECTIONIST, the difference between writing for comics and film, and an update on Heske’s latest indie endeavor BLESSID …

ComicsGrinder interviews Bob Heske

In early August, Henry Chamberlain at ComicsGrinder sat down to interview me by email and this is the result:

Director Rob Fitz on IndieCreator

Hot off the press! Blessid Director Rob Fitz is interviewed on IndieCreator today. Find out more about Rob and get more insight on the new indie film people are already buzzing about on the Web. Blessid is an indie film about a pregnant suicidal woman with a cursed past who meets an immortal. Read the interview here.

Meet Blessid’s Director of Photography Silas Tyler

Chi-Town’s Silas Tyler will serve as Director of Photography on Blessid. Silas will also be Co-Producer and Editor of the film. This is his second collaboration with Director Rob Fitz. [Read more…]

Meet the Director of BLESSID

I first heard about Rob Fitz from New England’s top film makeup artist Tricia Heine. “I think Rob Fitz would be good for your film. I hire him for many of my films, and he’s also directed. I’m usually good connecting people to projects and I have a good feeling about Rob for this.”

Boy, was she right. I met Rob at a Panera in Andover. He didn’t dress for the occasion. He wore his trademark t-shirt and doo rag. My first impression was that he reminded me of a cross between a young Richard Dreyfuss and a Biker. Smart and friendly with a little bit of an edge. I learned quickly that Rob Fitz is a man comfortable in his own skin. He has a passion for indie film, particularly low budget fare. And people like him. He has an engaging personality and enough industry connections to fill up a Rolodex. “I make my salary on the big budget films. It’s films like Blessid where I put my sweat equity into making a great film and a great collaborative experience for the cast and crew.”

[Read more…]

New Mass Indie Film “Blessid” to Film in November 2012

Micro-budget film centers on extremes of suicide and immortality, delivering an inspirational message

July 19, 2012 – A suicidal pregnant woman with a tragic past and searching for the will to live meets an immortal who changes her life forever. That’s the one sentence pitch for Blessid, an indie drama/thriller with a supernatural edge. Writer/Producer Robert Heske (author of THE NIGHT PROJECTIONIST) describes the film as “Lost in Translation” meets “Ordinary People” meets “Disturbia”.

Blessid is about an odd relationship, a tragic past and a present danger,” Heske says. “It’s about how life can deliver a light at the end of the tunnel when we are at our darkest moment.” Heske, who is more renowned for writing horror, says Blessid was a quick idea and a relatively fast script to write. “It made me exercise a different writing mental muscle,” says Heske. But Blessid still has its dark edge.

To bring the film to life, Heske brought on makeup artist and horror effects savant Rob Fitz who also wrote, directed and produced “God of Vampires”. Fitz made the film — a Chinese vampire horror/action project — on a shoestring budget over the course of 6 years, having friends and family work weekends (when available) and for little pay or free. Maintaining continuity was critical, but Fitz pulled it off. The film had a limited theatrical release, got picked up for DVD distribution and received strong critic reviews. raved “God of Vampires is exactly the kick in the ass the vampire genre does need” and Dread Central called it “A fun, bloody action/horror hybrid that actually presented us with a different kind of bloodsucker for once.”

Fitz is a veteran of the film industry having worked on Boston-based features such as The Perfect Storm, The Fighter, Edge of Darkness, The Grown  Ups, Fever Pitch, Meet Joe Black and Jumanji. “Features pay my rent, indies feed my passion,” says Fitz who has also written/produced a few short films and has another micro-feature on the back burner. “I like films that keep me turning the page, keep me guessing, and don’t disappoint at the end. When I read Blessid I knew in my mind how I was going to make it and was thrilled to be given the opportunity to execute on my vision.” Fitz says.

The film will shoot in November in Massachusetts for under $80,000. Despite its micro budget, Blessid is attracting mega talent and will be shot on the RED Epic, which is the same camera used to film the summer blockbuster Prometheus. “The camera and lens package are phenomenal, thanks to our Director of Photography/Editor Silas Tyler,” says Heske. “We’re extremely fortunate to find actors and crew who have a passion for the script, and the talent to ramp up the production value.”

Blessid will be delivering more news in the weeks ahead, as progress is being rapidly made on the project. Despite 2012 being hyped as “End Times”, when the comet dust settles movie fans just might look back fondly at 2012 as the year of Blessid, a little indie film with an inspirational message about surviving life’s challenges and finding hope for the future.


BLESSID LLC is the film production company behind the micro-budget movie Blessid. For questions or comments, please contact Robert M. Heske, Managing Director at (508) 868-3116 or email

The Making of an Indie Film

The journey begins!

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We are busy setting up the film company, assembling a talented team and attaching great talent.Rob Fitz, best known as a horror makeup and special effects maestro – will helm the director’s chair. Rob has directed shorts and the critically acclaimed Chinese vampire horror action film “God of Vampires” which Dread Central called “A fun, bloody action/horror hybrid that presented us with a different kind of bloodsucker … and knew exactly what it was doing.” [Read more…]