Casting Call — Supporting Roles in BLESSID


BLESSID is proud to announce that John E. Seymore, President of Seymore Films and an award-winning screenwriter, producer and accomplished actor, will be Casting Director for the film. We are happy that John has also accepted a role in the film!

Several supporting roles are available for talented actors in and around Massachusetts.

We are planning a casting session for auditions on Sunday, September 9th in Boston.


Good luck and thank you for your interest!

Rachel Kerbs parachutes into THE VAULT

Strap on your seat belt and parachute. It’s time for another roller coaster ride on Mark Cuban’s mind-bending web series THE VAULT.

Episode 8 (shown in its entirety below) features some hilarity from BLESSID’s Rachel Kerbs…

WOWIO Author Showcase: Robert Heske

Blessid Writer/Producer appears on Wowio’s Author Showcase.  Watch it below.

Shrewsbury Daily Voice Bob Heske Interview

Blessid Writer/Producer Bob Heske is interviewed by the Shrewsbury Voice, an e-newsletter capturing all the local happenings in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Read all about it online here.

Sundancing with the Stars — Blessid Producer Amy DePaola

Blessid producer Amy DePaola had her short ORDINARY MAN (starring Ethan Embry) accepted into Sundance in 2012. Check out Amy on video talking about her Sundance experience.

Graphic Policy Radio interviews Blessid Writer/Producer Bob Heske

Graphic Policy Radio interviewed Blessid Writer/Producer Bob Heske to talk about his latest published graphic novel, THE NIGHT PROJECTIONIST, the difference between writing for comics and film, and an update on Heske’s latest indie endeavor BLESSID …

ComicsGrinder interviews Bob Heske

In early August, Henry Chamberlain at ComicsGrinder sat down to interview me by email and this is the result:

Director Rob Fitz on IndieCreator

Hot off the press! Blessid Director Rob Fitz is interviewed on IndieCreator today. Find out more about Rob and get more insight on the new indie film people are already buzzing about on the Web. Blessid is an indie film about a pregnant suicidal woman with a cursed past who meets an immortal. Read the interview here.

Meet Blessid’s Director of Photography Silas Tyler

Chi-Town’s Silas Tyler will serve as Director of Photography on Blessid. Silas will also be Co-Producer and Editor of the film. This is his second collaboration with Director Rob Fitz. [Read more…]

Meet the Director of BLESSID

I first heard about Rob Fitz from New England’s top film makeup artist Tricia Heine. “I think Rob Fitz would be good for your film. I hire him for many of my films, and he’s also directed. I’m usually good connecting people to projects and I have a good feeling about Rob for this.”

Boy, was she right. I met Rob at a Panera in Andover. He didn’t dress for the occasion. He wore his trademark t-shirt and doo rag. My first impression was that he reminded me of a cross between a young Richard Dreyfuss and a Biker. Smart and friendly with a little bit of an edge. I learned quickly that Rob Fitz is a man comfortable in his own skin. He has a passion for indie film, particularly low budget fare. And people like him. He has an engaging personality and enough industry connections to fill up a Rolodex. “I make my salary on the big budget films. It’s films like Blessid where I put my sweat equity into making a great film and a great collaborative experience for the cast and crew.”

[Read more…]